Ischemic stroke treatment

We develop drug treatment
for ischemic stroke


Skeletal muscle relaxant development

Small molecule myosin inhibitors,
that are highly selective for
skeletal muscle myosin 2


What is Motor Pharmacology?

A novel concept of drug development.

A research group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest.

A strong cooperation between researchers and the advisory board to exploit the scientific results.


Recently we discovered the first in vivo applicable inhibitor specific to the myosin 2 motor protein. In our body there are several different myosin 2 enzymes responsible for series of physiological functions including skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscle contraction, as well as cell division, motility and neurite outgrowth, which is related to neural plasticity and regeneration. By targeting these motor proteins with specific drugs we will be capable of alleviating symptoms of stroke or helping people suffering from spasms, scarring or fibrocyte related disorders.

Our assets

30 years of myosin research: deep knowledge about the target

15 years of experience working with motor protein inhibitors and studying their mechanism of action

8 years of in silico modelling of force generation and simulation of drug binding

6 years of optimization of chemicals for research



Máté Gyimesi was awarded with the Hungarian Academy’ s QP Excellence Award. Congratulations to him

Máté is a key member of the Motorpharmacology research group. This award shows how his innovative ideas lead to a great success. We are very proud to have a colleague like him. Congratulations to him!
You can read about it here in Hungarian.

September, 2019

Hungarian Stroke Conference

The Hungarian Stroke Society’s congress too place in Zalakaros, Hungary in September, where the Motorpharmacology group participated with a stall where Anna Rauscher introduced our project to the interested visitors.

September, 2019

Radio interview about drug development (in Hungarian)

The Hungarian Klub Rádió interviewed Prof András Málnási Csizmadia and asked him about the long process of drug development from a molecule to the stores. You can listen to it on this link (in Hungarian).

September, 2019

European Muscle Conference in Kent, England

Both Motorpharmacology and Optopharma Ltd. Were present at this year’s European Muscle Conference in Kent, England. We have introduced our new compounds that will be available for sale soon. Until that visit out website for the currently available molecules

May, 2019

European Stroke Organisation Conference

This year the annual European Stroke Organization Conference was held in Milan in May. It is an essential meeting for us, where we can learn new information about the topic.

April-May, 2019

Novel approaches targeting Brain Barriers for effective delivery of therapeutics

Máté Gyimesi and Máté Pénzes traveled to Virginia for the Targeting Brain Barriers workshop from April 29th to May 1st. This topic is essential during our research in getting the inhibitor to the right area of the damaged brain. They took a poster as well which presented our results on the Ischemic Stroke regeneration and smooth muscle myosin-2 inhibition with para-aminoblebbistatin.

March, 2019

16th Alpbach Motors Workshop Myosin and Muscle, and Other Motors

Anna Rauscher and András Málnási-Csizmadia participated in this year’s 16th Alpbach Motors Workshop Myosin and Muscle, and Other Motors. They both gave presentations and provided a poster for the event that contained the lab’s experimental details about myosin inhibition.
One of the posters showed our data from our research on inhibiting the skeletal muscle. The title is: A highly specific skeletal muscle relaxant decreases muscle force while heart functions remain unchanged.
The other showed data on how para-aminoblebbistatin inhibits Non-muscle and smooth muscle myosin. The title is: Ischemic stroke regeneration is accelerated by non-muscle and smooth muscle myosin-2 inhibition with para-aminoblebbistatin.

Fabruary, 2019

United States roundtrip

From 27th of February to the 10th of March András Málnási Csizmaida and Máté Gyimesi traveled around the U.S. giving presentations at high prestigious places.
First, they went to Baltimore for the American Biophysical Society’s Annual meeting where Ádám Horváth also joined them. They presented two of our leading projects within Motorpharmacology with posters, that were well-received.
After the success in Baltimore they traveled to the Boston University for another presentation of our results.

January the 18th, 2019

ELTE’s Open Day

We had a busy day on the 18th of January because of more than 700 high school visitors on ELTE’s Open Day. They all have been very excited about our running research projects at ELTE and raised very interesting questions. Maybe we can meet one day in our lab?

January, 2019

Strategic partnership with NeuroCT Ltd, Pécs

NeuroCT’s partnership in the project is a milestone in the preclinical phase of our drug development. Founded 25 years ago, NeuroCT is one of the most acknowledged clinical neuroscience centers in the Eastern European region, that has gained considerable experience in the treatment of stroke, while its Clinical Neuroscience Research Group has internationally gained R&D and innovation experience.

December the 16th, 2018

A hungarian compound might help people suffering from ischemic stroke ( M1, Ma reggel)

András Málnási Csizmadia as well as Máté Gyimesi have talked about our research for the audience of a hungarian TV channel.  You can watch it here ( 07:38-15:46)

December the 5th, 2018

ELTE’s Innovative Researcher Award for Motor Pharmacology’s patent

In recognition of the outstanding research achievement, ELTE established the ELTE Innovative Researcher Award in 2009. It is our pleasure that this year our research group has won this award for our stroke project.

October, 2018

ELTE’s Promising Scientist Award

We congratulate to Máté Gyimesi on winning the ELTE Promising Scientist Award.

October, 2018

Special achievements of our colleagues

We are proud to announce that Kinga Oravecz has won “Young Talents of the Nation” scholarship and Máté Gyimesi has obtained ELTE’s Promising Scientist Award in Life Sciences category.

October the 19th, 2018

Meeting with BBCA and cooperation with University of Bengbu 

In October we have met the management of BBCA and signed the Memorandum of Cooperation with Bengbu University, China.

It was our honour to meet the management of BBCA, the third largest vitamin C producer in the World. Vitamin C was firstly isolated by Albert Szent-Györgyi, who also discovered myosin and  founded the ancestor of the Department of Biochemistry at Eötvös Loránd University.

September the 14th-16th , 2018

Europhysiology, 2018 QEII Centre LONDON, UK

Plenary lecture was given by Prof. András Málnási Csizmadia regarding Motor Pharmacology: Novel inhibitors for different myosin-2 isoforms

September the 10th, 2018

You can meet us at the Capital of Sciences, Budapest, 23rd of September

We are confident that inspiring younger generation is very important so that we will join this great event, on the 23rd of September, 2018

September the 3rd, 2018

European Muscle Conference, Budapest

This meeting was the annual gathering of the members of the European Society for Muscle Research. Dr. Máté Gyimesi’s lecture was about: Development of a highly specific skeletal muscle relaxant directly acting on the myosin motor domain

July the 26th, 2018

Our new revies entitled “Targeting Myosin by Blebbistatin Derivatives: Optimization and Pharmacological Potential” has been published in Trends in Biochemical Sciences.

We constructed a SAR analysis based on blebbistatin derivatives and discuss the pharmacological perspectives of blebbistatin development. We also synthetize literature data on its characteristics and compare potentially useful alternatives, like para-nitroblebbistatin or para-aminoblebbistatin. The preprint is available  here.

May the 25th, 2018

Our new research article has been published in Scientific Reports

Our new paper entitled “Non-blocking modulation contributes to sodium channel inhibition by a covalently attached photoreactive riluzole analog” has been published in Scientific Reports. You can have a look at the article here.

May the 16th to 18th, 2018

You can meet us at the Stroke Conference, Göthenburg, Sweden

András-Málnási Csizmadia, Máté Gyimesi as well as Máté Pénzes are participating the 4th European Stroke Conference in Göthenburg.