In vitro assays

Neurite outgrowth assay

One of our major interests regarding the new inhibitors is their effect on the induction of neurite outgrowth in human neurons. We work with neurons derived from neuronal stem cells (hNSC) and use the Axis Neurite Outgrowth Assay (Merck) to analyze the effect of all new compounds on the speed of neurite outgrowth and on the length and structure of newly grown neurites.

Fibroblast migration assay

We are also interested in the effect of the new molecules on the migration of different types of fibroblasts, because blebbistatin induces the migratory function of various cell types. Modulation of fibroblast migration might be a good strategy to reduce fibrosis in the lungs, liver and during dermal wound healing. Therefore, we measure the effect of our newly synthesized molecules on cell migration speed and cell shape in human dermal (hDFa), hepatic (LX-2 Human Hepatic Stellate Cell Line) and lung fibroblasts (HLF).